Our Staff

Here you can see the trained, experienced and friendly faces that make us the Bonnyrigg Tyres & Mechanical team. We pride ourselves on our skills and expertise, with many of our mechanics having been in the trade for years. They speak a diverse range of languages, including Maltese, Italian, Spanish, Assyrian, Vietnamese and from New Zealand to efficiently communicate with our customers.

Business Owner
The Owner of Bonnyrigg Tyres & Mechanical, Simon has been working on cars and mechanics for well over 35 years and also has a Mechanical Engineering Degree from University of Technology Sydney. He's been in business since 1994.
Over 30 Years Of Experience
Accounts and Manager's Assistant
Therese has been with the company from the beginning. She's in charge of all the Accounts Payable and staff management. Therese has a legal background and has a firm attention to detail and gets the job done.
Over 14 Years Of Experience
Manager & Qualified Motor Mechanic
Chris started at Bonnyrigg Tyres as a Mechanical Apprentice and progressed to Foreman of the mechanical workshop. Afer then being a allrounder in our workshop he is now our Manager. Chris manages the office, staff, mechanical enquires, e-safety inspections and mechanic and tyre sales.
Assistant Manager & Qualified Motor Mechanic
Steven is Second in Charge and is a allrounder in the workshop. He started in July 2013 as a 2nd year apprentice and is now a Qualified Motor Mechanic. He is also a qualified RMS Safety Inspector.
Over 1 Years Of Experience
Mechanical Workshop Foreman & Qualified Motor Mechanic
John brings a variety of mechanical experience to Bonnyrigg Tyres & Mechanical and has been a qualified mechanic for over 20 years. John joined us in 2014 and his interests are working on cars.
Over 4 Years Of Experience
Qualified Motor Mechanic
Don started with Bonnyrigg Tyres & Mechanical in April 2007 as a Mechanic. He is a valued part of our team and likes high performance vehicles.
Over 7 Years Of Experience
Tyre Fitter & Wheel Alignment Technician
Sulu joined the team in 2017. He has gained all his valuable skills from New Zealand in tyres and wheel alignments. He has now migrated to Australia and he loves spending time with his family.
Over 2 Years Of Experience
Tyre Technician
Angelo has been at Bonnyrigg Tyres from the beginning. He has worked in a number of service centres and has made Bonnyrigg Tyres his home since 2004. Angelo is a hard working tyre technician with a very friendly nature. He has been working for over 30 years.
Over 10 Years Of Experience
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