Full Servicing

Perform a Full Service for your car every 20,000 Kms

After a vehicle has travelled for thousands of kilometres; it needs to be given a Full Service to guarantee that it will continue to operate at peak efficiency for thousands of more kilometres.

We recommend that after every 20,000 kilometres that you bring your car in for a Full Service. This is the industry standard for when a standard car should be serviced to keep it in great shape. Note: some engine serviceable components may not require to be serviced at that time.

Our Full Service is comprehensive; we include all of the basics that our Minor Service offers (Oil Change and Oil Filter) but we also replace sparks plugs, air and fuel filters (If required). We will look through all of your suspension system to check for wear and tear; we will look through all of your exhaust system to check for leaks/damage, test and inspect coolant systems and any other mechanical issues and perform a wide number of other smaller tasks to ensure your car is fit and ready for its continued journey.
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